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Deformulation services

Deformulation, often referred to as reverse engineering, involves the detailed analysis of products to understand their composition
and design.

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Expert deformulation services

Tailored deformulation services

Insights that can drive innovation

At LabCore, our deformulation services are tailored to uncover the intricacies of pharmaceutical and biotech products, offering insights that can drive innovation, ensure compliance, and support intellectual property protection.

Our expert deformulation services include:

Component identification

Pinpoint and quantify all active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), excipients such as binders, fillers, disintegrants, lubricants,and other additives
integral to the formulation.

Physical Characterization

Delve deep into properties that affect drug performance, including particle size, polymorphism of the active ingredient, morphology, and other physical characteristics.

Liquid Formulations Analysis

Characterize and quantify components in liquid drug formulations, including solvents, preservatives, and viscosity modifiers.

Complex Formulations

Tackle intricate dosage forms like liposomes, micelles, emulsions, microencapsulated products, controlled-release tablets, and transdermal patches, unraveling their sophisticated designs.

Impurity Profiling

Identify and quantify any impurities or degradation by-products in the formulation, crucial for ensuring safety and efficacy.

Comparative Studies

Analyze and contrast a client's product with a competitor's offering, discerning the nuances in composition.

Stability Analysis

Assess how the formulation evolves over time or under different conditions like heat, light, or humidity. This aids in predicting shelf life and identifying potential stability concerns.

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