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Analytical Services under GMP

Analytical services in the pharmaceutical landscape go beyond mere testing – they are pivotal in ensuring the efficacy, safety, and compliance of products.

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Comprehensive GMP-Compliant Analytical Solutions

Tailored analytical services

Insights that can drive innovation

LabCore, adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), takes pride in offering a plethora of cutting-edge analytical services tailored to the dynamic needs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

Our Analytical Services under GMP services include:

Component identification

Our labs are equipped to precisely identify and quantify all active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), excipients, and additional additives in a formulation.

Liquid Formulations Analysis

Our expertise extends to the characterization and quantification of solvents, preservatives, viscosity modifiers, and other integral components in liquid formulations.

Impurity Profiling

At LabCore, safety is paramount. We pinpoint any impurities or degradation products in the formulation to guarantee the highest safety standards.

Comparative Studies

Stay ahead in the competitive landscape. We offer comparative analyses between your product and competitors, highlighting composition similarities or differences.

Stability Analysis

Predictive analytics on how the formulation responds over time or under varying conditions ensures product longevity and safety.

Analytical Services under GMP
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