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Organic Synthesis services 

Organic synthesis, the cornerstone of drug development, involves intricate processes that bring molecules to life.

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Customized Organic Synthesis Solutions

Tailored services

Insights that can drive innovation

LabCore’s organic synthesis services stand out by catering to the specific needs of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and chemical sectors, ensuring the creation of molecules tailored to exact specifications.

Our Organic Synthesis services include:

Route Scouting and Optimization

The best path isn’t always obvious. We identify and refine the most efficient route for synthesis.

Medicinal Chemistry Support

Enhancing drug properties while maintaining safety and efficacy is a craft. Our medicinal chemistry expertise ensures optimal drug candidates.

Chiral Synthesis and Resolution

Purity and specificity matter. We specialize in synthesizing chiral molecules and ensuring their resolution.

Multi-step Synthesis

Some molecules demand complexity. Our chemists excel in multi-step synthesis for intricate molecules.

Combinatorial Chemistry

Speed and variety play a crucial role in drug discovery. We create vast molecular libraries for high-throughput screening.

Contract Manufacturing

Your molecule, our expertise. Benefit from our robust manufacturing capabilities to produce your molecule at the desired scale.

Organic Synthesis
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