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Downstream Processing services

Downstream Processing (DSP) plays a pivotal role in biotechnology, ensuring the effective recovery and purification of biosynthetic products derived from diverse natural sources. Be it from plant tissues, fermentation broths, or animal extracts, DSP ensures that the final product is not only efficacious but also meets stringent quality standards.

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Expert downstream processing services

Tailored downstream processing services

Insights that can drive innovation

At LabCore, our deformulation services are tailored to uncover the intricacies of pharmaceutical and biotech products, offering insights that can drive innovation, ensure compliance, and support intellectual property protection.

Our downstream processing services include:

Cell Disruption

If the desired products are intracellular, breaking open or "lysing" cells becomes essential. We utilize methods ranging from mechanical to enzymatic or chemical processes to ensure optimal product release.

Solid-Liquid Separation

Cellular debris and particulate matter are diligently removed, often harnessing centrifugation or filtration techniques.


Given that post-separation solutions are generally dilute, our expertise lies in concentrating the desired product using ultrafiltration or evaporation methods.


Chromatography steps in as a prime tool to segregate the desired product from undesired byproducts and impurities.


Elevating the product to its utmost purity is achieved through refining techniques, encompassing additional chromatography, crystallization, or diafiltration.


Translating the purified product into its final form be it a liquid solution, tablet, or a lyophilized form. This stage might also introduce stabilizers or additives to amplify its shelf-life.

Quality Control

Rigorous quality control tests pepper various stages of DSP, ensuring that the end product surpasses the requisite standards.

Downstream Processing
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